Our mission is to guarantee high quality products, that are able to satisfy the needs of clients worldwide at competitive prices. Our goal is to offer 24 hour service to our valued customers, who in turn help us to improve our work by transfering back their experience gained on the field everyday.


We operate respecting all safety norms and procedures. Starting off with the engineering plan, down to the selection of both materials and treatments, until the final  assembly of each machine, we pay close attention to every step of the production process.

Professionalism and integrity.

As the market in which it operates keeps on evolving, Icaro is able to satisfy requests that become more and more demanding everyday.

At Icaro, we believe that every company, no matter the market in which it operates, makes an impact on the world around it.
Working with respect means being honest about the consequences of our actions and activities: therefore, we strive to maximize positive opportunities, at the same minimizing any possible negative impact.